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How Kitten Socialization Affects Cat's Lifetime Character

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

By the age of 8 weeks they have completed the development of all behavioral patterns.

Suitable Opportunity

Human contact is very important in kitten education, initially we thought that early socialization of kittens occurred between 3-8 weeks, but there is some new information that in fact cats 2-9 weeks old are the most suitable for socialization age of training. Important throughout their lives, some cats grow up in cages and they rarely see humans unless the breeder feeds and cleans the kittens, if they are mid-life. In the first few weeks, without enough human contact, these kittens can be shy, socially inept, and may even be afraid of others. Such cats are difficult to get close and friendly to when they grow up.


From a very young age, kittens are exposed to different sounds and people, carts move around; not only to go to the vet, but also to participate in some better activities, and of course taking cats to visit other homes is not a good option .

If you want an interactive, confident kitten, you should choose a cattery that is socialized from an early age, where they have more opportunities to interact and become familiar with family life.

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