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Update 2024/1/3

           Venom is a special cat, bicolor of seal, and I found him outstanding in his litter when he’s two-month-old, with a full muzzle and a cushioned beard, a strong and muscular body. While he is very gentle, can live with kittens, and he is not as tough and cautious as other male adult, and even not struggle during bathing and grooming, but ask for help by his lovely blue eyes, meowing. Although he is only one year old now, his huge physique and length, wide tail, and silky thick fur and coating surprise anyone who sees him. I am quite look forward to his outstanding performance during the cat show, because he has a standard traditional face for TICA, very classic and the immortality and agility that a ragdoll brings naturally!

HCM2:N/N    PKD:N/N      Brow Gene:B/B

Blood Type:A(A/A)  Dilution Gene:D/d


GC Rengar

Rengar is a seal lynx bicolor male ragdoll, I got him by chance. I didn't notice his difference when I saw the video first time, but his bright blue oval eyes and sweet looking attracted me. And The first reaction I remember that he was so “huge” when he came to my cattery! This is not to refer to how long or how big his body is, but to say that his head is "BIG" and stronger than any other male ragdoll I have met before during the cat show, if he has a tiger coat and there is a "king" on his head, I will definitely think of him as a little tiger. And his personality is indeed like a tiger, at home he has been competing for the status of KING position, provoking other male cats, establishing his own majesty in front of kittens, chasing our QUEENs. He has a very sweet looking and good character, always begs for touch but has manly behavior in cats group, this really makes him an amazing boy, a dreamed ragdoll, and I hope to have more beautiful and lovely kittens of him.

HCM2:N/N    PKD:N/N      Brow Gene:B/B

Blood Type:AB(c/b)  Dilution Gene:D/d

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