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Our Queen


KK is the first litter of our breeding plan, the only daughter of mum JJ and dad Mocha, she has a sweet looking since she was only one week, standard seal bi-color, so she was preserved by ourself. She grew up snatching milk with her three brothers so that she gets a very good appetite, now she has a strong physique, silky long fur and a thick tail, as well as an extroverted personality, calm and determined eyes that sometimes felt like a boy. Like to sit in the back seat of the car, participate in the Christmas market, also like to swim with the dogs, bathing and drying are very quiet, in the 2021 CFA cat show, she have got a high score, and won the 2021 China Divisional Winner by the rank of 13 in all breeds, rank of 2 in ragdoll only. Plan to join the breeding program at the end of 2022, we all expect her kittens as outstanding as her in the future. 

CH  Britney



Britney, the seal lynx mitted, is a very special color, like a little tiger. Her dad is TICA RW IMPERIUS, her mom is Tauriel, a very sweet female cat from Darlinlildoll, Canada, she inherited her dad's dark blue oval eyes, her mother's cute muzzle and naughty,playful personality, she likes all kinds of foods, will close to you begging for delicious food, but with fun toys she can give up the food immediately even already in her mouth and join the naughty squad, she is full of energy, agile, often sneaking into the room from your feet within 0.01 seconds in the moment you open the door, and when you come in, you will find her waiting for you in front. She gave birth to a litter of kittens this spring, each with her shadow in character, loved by new families.

CH Elune

Elune comes from a very cat-loved cattery, the blood line comes from the world famous Darlinlil cattery, as a Blue lynx,  Elune has crystal blue eyes, strong bones and muscles inherited from her father, likes to eat raw meat and freeze-dried food, very playful, often can play with her own tail in situ like a dog, also very fond of feathered cat sticks, good at jumping higher than her own height. She performed well at CFA cat show and got a CH. This year, 7 cute kittens were successfully born, and she even took the initiative to help Britney feed the kittens, which is very motherly. The recovery is now very good and I hope Elune to have more opportunity to participate in the CFA cat show in the coming year.


Luna, like Elune, came from a very cat-loved cattery, the blood line also comes from the world famous Darlinlil cattery, as a Blue lynx, Luna's very sweet face and the rare big blue eyes which attracts anyone. As an adult female cat, Luna has a thick bottom lint and silky coat, and even in the summer she still has a large bib. She usually sleeps very quietly, but as soon as there is a toy sound, she will rush to it. She loves being gently touched and likes to comb her fur. Luna will join the breeding program in 2022Q4-2023Q1

Phoenix IX

Update 2024/1/3 

She has retired in May 2023 and is doing well with her new pet family. I will update her photos again

Phoenix IX, is an seal tortie mitted,Her dad is  DARLINLILDOL AURORA she has high legs and a strong physique, she is very quiet, has thick long smooth coat, she is kind of cautious one when a guest comes closer, but very soon she can get used to the guest, and comes closer even stick for a gentle touch.  She joined our big family just before the lockdown period in Shanghai, no chance to be mated, I hope to see her rare color kitten born this year.

CH Cream

Cream has a flowing silky coat, blue bi-bolor, walking posture is very elegant, take the initiative to approach you and meow softly to call you, she is a lady of the cattery. She welcomes any new member of the family and offers a friendly hug. After winning the sgcc champion top and the CFA CH, she joined our breeding program and gave birth to two very cute daughters in March this year, Cream Jr and Snowball, who inherited the beautiful silky long coat and ladylike personality of Cream, which was loved by the new parents

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